Meet Genesis- the First of its Kind

Meet Genesis- the First of its Kind

Most shoe brands make designs or sketches for their shoes and then wind up reusing these sketches endlessly. And it works because most laymen aren’t able to tell. Also, it allows emerging brands to make a name for themselves by introducing new sketches and designs. When people see an actual new product, you have a good chance of securing their attention and getting them to buy your product. This is what we do at The Kings as well. We make every design with utmost care and perfection to deliver the absolute best for our clients.


It All Started with a Sketch

Much like everyone else, we also started with a sketch. The only difference is that we prepare our sketches from scratch, so they are 100% authentic, innovative, and creative. A lot of thought and effort goes into each design, and it only makes sense since we’re a luxury brand. The sketch is kind of like a blueprint for the shoe and dictates its shape, design, and even its outer embellishments. Thus, it's safe to say that it's the most important step in the shoe manufacturing process, and due attention must be invested in the product at this stage. Read more about Sketches here! 

Thus, our sketches are original and really just speak for themselves. The effort really shows in the final product. And that’s how we came up with our high-end, Genesis sneakers!

Meet Genesis

Genesis is the name of the new sneakers we’ve introduced and yes, they are just as cool as they sound! They’ve been curated from a never-used before sketch that was made by our designers literally pouring their heart and soul into it. The dedication and creativity shine through in the product and really make it special. With Genesis, we've incorporated technology into shoemaking, and that is what makes it the first shoe of its kind! It is no less than perfection, and to think that it was created from scratch just makes it all the more exquisite.

Being a high-end luxury brand, the pressure to deliver only the best is very real, and with Genesis, we feel like we’ve really done it! And we say it’s unlike any other because it’s made from an entirely new sketch rather than old sketches like most shoes. Therefore, we ensure that our customers can feel truly special wearing our brand.

Step into the Future in Style!

Genesis is a truly futuristic sneaker both in terms of design and technology. The style and make of the shoe are truly exceptional and you can rest assured that you’ll get your money’s worth. And since this innovation and design come without any compromise in quality, there’s really no reason to not get it!

If you love shoes, then Genesis is a must-have for your shoe collection. It provides the comfort of a sneaker while still being extremely exquisite and one-of-a-kind. It even incorporates modern technology, unlike any other high-end, luxury shoe brand. You can check The Kings for all sorts of hand-crafted designs and get Genesis which is exclusively available here!

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