It started with a dream...

It all started out of love for integration of original leather into the manufacturing process of new  designer sneakers, shoes, heels and other streetwear products.

As an enthusiast of leather, it has always been my dream to serve mankind with and design a  variety of custom-made leather shoes from the very source, namely Le Marche in Italy

Meet The Founder

Ahmed F.M. Hamdan

With years of research and efforts, Ahmed  Hamdan aims to internationalise its supply chain network so as to enlarge public consumers’ access to 100% handcrafted and custom-made leather footwear sourced from the heart and origin  of leather production in Le Marche de Italia.  

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  • Inspired By History

    Our design is influenced by 100% handcrafted quality leather shoes from the renowned Italian district known as ‘the Shoe Valley’ in Le Marche de Italia to the market.

  • Innovation & Creativity

    Learning lessons from history and taking modern design trends allows us to create truly unique and elegant designs that cant be found anywhere else.

  • Trust and Awareness

    We understand how easy it is to lose your trust. That's why we are committed to trust and comfort regarding the A-to-Z  of Kings’ operation.  

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