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Mister K

Mister K

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Mister K The Kings Tenth Royal Piece.

 Our New Exclusive and Limited Edition Piece is:

  • 100% Organic Leather.
  • Designed and Crafted by The Kings Designers.
  • Handmade in Italy inside The Shoe Valley "Le Marche".


Our Royal Piece is more than just a Shoes, for the Natural Feel of Comfortability and the Earthy Smell it has due to the High-End Quality Fabrics Materials.

  • Own this Unique Royal Piece and Join our Nation.
  • A Truley Unqiue Unisex Casual Sneakers.


Buy with Trust, Dress with Confidence.


Tabacco Lux, Black cotton wax


Traditional Derby


Ahmed F M Hamdam


Masterhood and genuine Italian craftsmanship for this elegant classic men's shoes. The Classic Derby reflects the perfect balance between the 'English brogue' style and an awesome comfort made by the anti-slip rubber sole

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Buy with Trust, Dress with Confidence